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Mason feat. Lizzie Massey - Someone I'm Not

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Теги / Меткиhouse
ОписаниеАртист: Mason feat. Lizzie Massey
Название: Someone I'm Not
Жанр: House
Год выхода: 2014
Label: Great Stuff Recordings/GS215
О музыке: Mason Feat. Lizzie Massey Someone I'm Not Mason from Amsterdam have surprised us once more with a gracefully crafted house music classic featuring blissful vocals by Lizzie Massey. It's a feel good track that can be enjoyed not only in night clubs, but will also put a smile on your face during the daylight! Seductive chord structures, an irresistible melody and Lizzie's soulful vocals on top are making this our spring time favorite. First off on remixing duties is Grum from Leeds who blends the track into a late '90s big room dance explosion. Contemporary methods of intensifying the sound are used to make this an exciting journey through time. Kolombo who is known for experimenting with the many different dance music genres, is taking the original down to a more playful road. ping the vocals completely and instead concentrating his efforts on a new acid filled groove and some freaky vocoder madness. Germany's darling Ante Perry is closing of this exciting package. The Be An Ape label boss, is providing the proper club feel. Gently rounding off the edges with layers of deep piano sections. Ante is just teasing with pitched down filtered clips of Lizzie's vocals, which gives his mix a rather mysterious touch.
nFo about the artist
01. Mason feat. Lizzie Massey - Someone I'm Not (Original Mix)
02. Mason feat. Lizzie Massey - Someone I'm Not (Grum Remix)
03. Mason feat. Lizzie Massey - Someone I'm Not (Kolombo Remix)
04. Mason feat. Lizzie Massey - Someone I'm Not (Ante Perry Remix)



Формат: MP3
Битрэйт: 320
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КатегорияМузыка RSS лента
Просмотров108 раз (a)
Взят0 раз (a)
Размер55.28 MB (57,964,466 байт)
РаздалViKa  (Искать торренты)
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