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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Pro Advanced Rescue CD WinPE 8.1 [x86] [Shareware / English]

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ОписаниеНазвание: Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Pro Advanced Rescue CD
Версия: WinPE 8.1 [x86]
Лицензия: Shareware
Операционая система: Windows
Язык: English
О программе: Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional sports a complete set of tools for hard disk management, with an emphasis on data safety, disaster recovery and partition administration.
Also worthy to be mentioned are the generous array of backup methods, as well as OS migration and the virtualization manager with support for VirtualBox and WMware.
Advertised as a high-end software suite, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional is a solution designed for advanced users, who have previous knowledge of the feature set provided by this collection of tools.
Wrapped up in a streamlined, yet intuitive interface, the software allows you to navigate from one module to another in a smooth manner, tying all of its resources together for quick access and ease of use.
The toolset provided by Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional is incredibly rich and therefore, very difficult to sum up. However, coming up is a quick walk through its main highlights.
As far as partitioning is concerned, the application sports an enhanced engine that improves on the support for modern HDD technologies. Operations such as backup, restore, format, delete, hide, wipe, move or resize are carried out via intuitive wizards that guide you through the whole process.
The feature set for backup and disaster recovery includes incremental disk imaging, encrypted and asynchronous backups, adaptive restore (restore to a backup made from a completely different hardware) and disaster recovery for Apple Boot Camp.
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional also includes a full spectrum of data copy and migration features that facilitate OS transfers for operating systems greater than XP to solid state drives.
The virtualization part is very comprehensive, boasting the ability to convert a partition to a virtual machine, as well as to restore data from a virtual machine, with support for Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware Workstation and Fusion and Oracle VirtualBox.
To top it all off, the suite benefits from a powerful data wiping tool that purges data beyond recovery with the aid of over ten deletion algorithms.
In a nutshell, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional is versatile and powerful, sporting a clean design and bundling all that is necessary for hard disk maintenance.

A WinPE environment offers excellent hardware support with a familiar Windows interface. WinPE provides network support through either a DHCP or manually configured connection, support for external FireWire or USB drives, and enables pre-mounting of network shares and driver injection for special storage controllers and network cards.
Save a set of utilities that allows startup of your computer for maintenance or recovery purposes when the OS is corrupted or cannot be used.
Some key features


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